A critical look at Rich people

How do you feel about rich people, some say they lie cheat and steal. This study proves it, right?

We dive into the newly published pnas study: “Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior”.

What we like, our biases, what we don’t like, and why taking candy from a baby is totally ethical.

Episode #2 Cyber World View of Infrastructure

Continuing with the theme of “What makes up our world view” we turn the lens to infrastructure, and specifically cyber security infrastructure.

We want to understand what people think, we want to so badly. Let’s talk about that, as well as:

  • Should you need an Internet License
  • Online Voting
  • Drone & TV Camera fear
  • Identity Theft
  • Whos watching
  • WannaCry ransomware
  • Wikileak -State Sponsored Cybercrime (US)
  • The internet of things
  • Script Kiddie
  • Gun rights and how that relates to online security

An interview with Louis Grenzebach Great discussion, hope you get a chance to give us a listen.


Critical Cactus -scream into the other echo chamber

We want to understand, we want to so badly.  Everyone wants to understand the other persons viewpoint, but no one listens.

Why, what do we have to do to hear each other?  Let’s talk about that, as well as science news such as:

  • Mining in the Grand Canyon
  • GMOs
  • Why Nuclear Power is not as dangerous as we all think (or is it).
  • What clean energy is the best.

An interview with Tom Stahler, an inside look at Paloverde Nuclear Power Plant.

Great discussion, hope you get a chance to give us a listen.



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