Are Sovereign Citizens smarter than everyone else?

We discuss what Sovereign Citizens believe and try to allign those beliefs with the real world. We find it difficult to do if you have a logical skeptical, critical thinking hat on. But we try.

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What it (Sovereign Citizens) is:
Judge deals with a citizen who understands the laws wrong:
Americas top cop killers:

Intelligence as a Predictor of Cognitive Dissonance
The neurology view:
The neurology view:
Black Sovereign Citizens, moorish:
Oregon occupiers:

Citizen Science:
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Today is Saturday, August 5 and welcome to critical cactus I am your cohost Thomas B Goetsch otherwise known as Tom or more colloquially TJ with me today are Dman.

Welcome back I’m your host Adam yax and you already got your introduction from TJ were there so thank you TJ. He there Dman, how are you?

Good have you been doing some homework regarding sovereign citizens?
I sure haven’t, let me know me there so let’s talk about it from our highly educated perspective. No sovereign citizens is our subject today will hang on let me stop you right there because you know I like to start it every podcast with at least trying to nail down some semblance of a definition to the were all on the same page I am you have that imaginable had never heard you define a word forever you know my favorite dinosaurs tell me that the saurus a little I met a dancer not really know I was taking we should add some more humor to the podcast I had some jokes just for this okay how come you can trust atomic particles but you’re not funny though he’s been trying to tell me because they make up everything. All my God Joe is it’s a wonderful say that I was trying to do a thing where. I haven’t put together but imagine somebody coming up to you and telling you this is how the world works you have no commitments to pay anybody anything ever for taxes or anything related to the government and you can use all the roads you can use all services fire service the police everything is there to protect you and keep you going but we have to pay any of it yet. And that’s the problem I have with that’s the very very beginning of these funny videos you see about people getting pulled over and thinking that they understand the law and the police officers are just like now taking on the car anyway and It’s my domicile well so your ignorance of the actual laws here don’t really help and they don’t really matter you can see but what’s worse is this not the don’t know anything daring to be fair though it’s not like they can’t pay taxes they help they won’t pay personal income tax is a protective of any product the sales tax while it turns out there actually paying taxes are not pay taxes there in jail wells and no income tax reacts as if there’s one thing the government will get you for its tax a matter of telling it out on yeah if I go to any other country in the world I’m be subject to laws in the country you like if I go to Moran probably don’t want to advertise and having gay sex with other men because it’s illegal in many shouldn’t wear a bikini right you know I should probably wear the burqa of the full thing whatever you know doesn’t matter if if I go to Canadian or Mexico I’m subject to the laws in those countries. Hell you go from one state to another laws differ from state to state from county to county. You are subject to those laws regardless of your knowledge of those laws with you there just or not, you know. They’re not forced always there not enforced equally you know where I live it’s illegal to water your lawn every single day but I don’t see the police going around arresting rogue gardeners. Now you’d you say this and it is true that if you go from city to city or state to state that you are subject to the laws but there are people that are technically somewhat outside the law. Diplomats they get diplomatic immunity in a lot of cases the point sovereign citizens claim as they say that they’re not assisting the right there’s there’s nowhere that you can go in the planet except for Antarctica maybe which is not a country already. Well the irrational waters which is a lot of what they get into the evidence a lot of what’s called Admiralty Law. okay Maritime law. They they refer to it as Admiralty and there’s all kinds of magic and witchcraft and spells and like seriously night they actually have some you will going on inside that stuff as well to live in a country does matter which country is if you reap benefits from living in that country you have a social obligation to pay back into that system yeah I have been doing some research and it’s taking me to some pretty dark places but it’s also pretty fascinating but you wanted to talk about the definition of citizen is so Eisley we don’t speak for all citizens all sovereign citizen the same way that we right after all we don’t Arizona means you but no idea working to try to nail down at least some semblance of a definition so that everybody out there has an idea of what were talking about yeah so do you did you do any research on the general idea’s preliminary research I knew there were wackos and crazies out there believe that they weren’t saw part of the country you can actually pay the State Department a $400 fee and rescind your citizenship to the United States it’s as simple as that but right you Q MD and ask patriot if you become an stateless citizen then you are generalizing as well but not everyone that’s a sovereign citizen of a wacko or a way way he’s now you are a day I am not categorizing everybody in society did are some wacko people think they’re outside will more power to him you want try to be outside the system is great but the fact is your stillness country you’re still here you’re still benefiting from our roads and are solicited to firefighters and police must do what we do what we do is we critically think about a subject and in this case I think it is valid to take a look at what we think is preconceived notions as to what our citizenship is and look at it critically and say what is what is it what is our citizenship what it mean why what’s this independence from who win taxation without representation means what and why and I’ll need to go diving so much in the history of that but it is important to think that when you’re being critical of a subject that you use the same rules matter what the subject as if it’s you know a satellite spinning around in a sphere in space or if it’s a social construct either way you have to come look at it critically and say is it really what I think it is because I think these people have fallen in this idea that I think they did do critical thinking and they just cannot other end of it incorrect Mike and I think their logic is flawed as I’ve done mean of the digging that I’ve done I think the commodity flawed but I don’t I mean I’m always willing to say I am wrong and so maybe they’re right just I don’t think so a lot of what they’re saying this is the logical I agree with so let’s get back to the definition yeah so you are going to shirk the sovereign citizen movement is a loose group of American Canadian and Australian litigants commentators tax protesters and financial scheme promoters self-described sovereign citizens take the position that they are answerable only to their own particular interpretation of the common law and they are not subject to any government statutes or proceedings they do not recognize United States currency and maintain that they are free of any legal constraints especially rejecting most forms of taxation yeah so that’s kind of in a nutshell I do think that this is a jaded version of how you would summarize it I don’t think a sovereign citizen would write that way a great I think sovereign citizen would’ve rolled you know written the download button and we tried we tried to get a sovereign citizen to come on the show but we couldn’t find any in Arizona it’s a big like you know that that was hog a result that’s a big problem with a lot of the so that the little rabbit holes that have gone down our the police departments have a lot of educational problems and you know trying to educate the police and start how to deal with a sovereign citizen because sovereign citizens to think certain way there educating them on figuring out how to howl early on that that’s what they’re dealing with and to get some idea as to what it means to deal with them because I mean the big thing was that these guys came on the police radar rate away early in 2010 when nine in Arkansas there was a father and son just got out of the car with AK-47s until the cops are out there and to please officers of the kilns arose are wounded on this is a violent thing and it’s it’s fearful because they don’t see the presuppositions anything other than the storm troopers that are corporate entities that are coming after them to put the it’s a conspiracy theory that goes all the way up from the United States government all the up through to the Pope is really the King and I don’t know how the Pope becomes a king while the whole thing is being run by the Jewish people and that’s with their action against the Jewish people this is where a lot of the anti-Semitism comes in that it’s it’s a big world and I don’t dislike to take the whole world is that whole world just throw it out to collect to this thought experiment with it’s really on my had just got okay I have two ways of diving into one how did you get from being just a normal 15-year-old caters 20-year-old cat or whatever with general ideas as to how the education system and the people in this country create citizens to this sovereign citizen mindset how you get there and the other one is once you there how do you act and what why use a dangerous because they have it’s it’s it’s 100,000 strong 2010 is 300,000 strong in 2016 so with a threefold increase over six year. The exponential growth is insane the FBI categorizing these people as being above Islam as terrorists and above jihadists as far as the danger to the use yes people while on the FBI has them above that as of 2014 so that Timothy McVeigh who is that to me today and Terry Nichols Oklahoma City bombing okay I think it was 92 before I somewhere think it was an hundred and 5460 or so and wounded another 700 and a lot of kids to there was a nursery and that was the Turner diaries was a big part of what they did with the readings that they had he was in gun shows the speaking loop and gun shows you can prep birds you can loop in the Montana people the Oregon everybody month and all of them all it is a nobody all doomsday peppers yeah I got you got a lot of this homesteader know the thing that happened in Oregon with the Bundy group with a took over the and I have the refuge and the FBI came in and just prior to that I think they didn’t want to pay for the grazing fee well I don’t remember what it was in Oregon but in Nevada that was where the Bundy folks were they were on land and I think that was the grazing fee one and those guys went over to the Oregon lies and help them with their love it’s it’s an interesting idea but I don’t I don’t I mean it’s scary if you know like I said as I started to get someone while this is and I thought it was good to be all these cute people who misunderstand the laws and you watch these YouTube videos of the people gone you had telling her I wasn’t really driving I was traveling or that’s not my name that this thing where that they they believe that your birth certificate is your bonding connection with this corporation called I don’t know I don’t even of the America that their corporation or if it’s the whole world because sometimes the conspiracy was always around the globe but on there certainly no legitimate every government that they ever deal with is a defunct government and that your birth certificate is your employee number and that your and it could be your hunting license that is your number it doesn’t matter where you connect yourself to the government but at some point because you got your your employee number and the proof that this is the conspiracy is that there is a corporation that it’s not government is not by the people it’s a corporation and that you become a commodity of this Corporation at the United States has this agreement with its foreign countries with the other countries that I know it’s really hard to class because it’s it’s it’s not logical but I think I can do it if you are a commodity of the United States as a citizen you have a value of anywhere from $600,000-$25 million each individual citizen and so as you’re born into this country you become a new product that this this company owns and so it you can be traded as this commodity with other countries and we use your value my value everybody’s individual value as a way of trading with foreign countries and it extends once you’ve accepted this new reality like I can’t get my whole head inside the bubble of this this reality can’t do the full thought experiment because it’s it’s really difficult to do you accept so many strange truths while on on the one hand it it sounds asinine everything you know that the family but on the attendance also deeply philosophical is know there’s definitely not like you not going to find that there’s just a whole bunch of of really low IQ people that are all bundled together in this mess bumbling around their thinking it through and that they have passion about what it is talking about for sure but the birth anything that should get back there a quick is the proof that this is that this is a true conspiracy that you’re really an object is the fact that your bursary has your name and full caps but all capital letters is that’s the separation between the you that you and the units the commodity out paper that they trade they trade the capital letter version of you so I heard I heard Al it makes sense okay now makes it you have to want to hurt you have to if you become a services and you have to get used to how to pronounce your name and lowercase letters under the because then yeah thank you for going out for me to practice that I literally don’t know how to pronounce something in e I am assisting I would take an I guess you’re technically yelling so according to the Internet every time you yell you’re actually the commodity so if I’m + the commodity that you be careful because so when you watch these core I watch court cases on YouTube of people who are sovereign citizens and letting themselves all caught is so funny and the judges and what they do and their attorneys sometimes are in there and they’re like why do I do and the like look on their face and the cameras hilarious and is like I don’t know I mean back to what you said earlier to be fair people do have a monetary worth yeah I mean so them in the crazy but is that your parents to get that value your siblings your wife your kids or is it the government I’m pretty sure I government used in society at large Jesus figure the government is the value of the society gets that by cursing the government element is a certain valuable in a street sweeper how would you know you’re born you yellow your born bonuses your value to me like I can understand that you know I was born in this country I didn’t choose to be here so what if I don’t like you know how old the current administration is running things can I just said I don’t want to participate in the yard government system anymore you will get to say that but right here and I must rethink that a lot of it they just say that Annette while they’re saying it in a very the other thing is sovereign citizenship the some incredibly compelling if you think about it I mean you get to live here with all the benefits with none of the you know none of the downside and I I’ve known any one person that one a safe thought about but maybe sort of became a sovereign citizen on this I stop paying income tax really but the thing was like for them it came from an act of desperation wasn’t even like a well thought out plan the holy crap I I don’t have enough money to live my life what can I do now to stop paying taxes and then they start looking down they start trying to find like reasons why it’s okay I and when you’re desperate enough everything sounds compelling and true and you you know you do that bias where you’re looking to confirm you know your belief chest because that’s that’s how you feel the only way you can get through life coming you could’ve gotten another job but as I was going through my notes I would prevail I mean it’s only been a week and as people have been doing this for now since the 70s and sinuses some reporters one lady in particular love to get her on here who just I mean she’s so familiar with everything but as I went I just kept underlining my little note next to everything I read was motivated reasoning over and over and over again so she say that because they have some motivation to reason when they do that’s motivated reasoning why I don’t I can become sovereign citizen because they just feel like it I mean it’s a it’s an extreme libertarianism if you ask me, seems like it’s like hey leave me alone I don’t need your system I got my stuff I’m good to go I can live my life there’s a lot of off the grid homesteader type people who you’ll find that way I tried to see Lake if there was a connection since then up because I saw this this pattern of unity some people to live in big cities this is typically not going to be somebody who’s now living in an apartment in Ojai more world lifestyle so that I thought of the Unabomber is a high and none now he’s a different animal will have it in the what thereby offered at Homestead and you know as I call cable turns out he was he was much more against technology and he thought that artificial intelligence destroys all premises must use a different know he was a little bit more accepting of artificial intelligence who must yeah he just warned us against using AI’s do it now know is the same as the longer than I can see that one blew up building the other one thinks electric cars and basic event cellular and stuff I can sympathize with the mosque with sovereign citizen okay now I know I like how my taxes are being I would much rather see my tax dollars go towards schools and hospitals than bombs and bullets you know taken out people in Third World countries now and it’s like speak for us all all hail Pres. Trump in okay so it’s like I’d you know I wish there was some sort of system where I could allot the tax dollars that I pay you know like if I wanted 100% of my taxes to go into roads and they do that and they have enough money for roads like it just spills over into the general fund or something but then I think it’s absurd that we spend no 60% are discretionary spending on the you know the military yeah and and it you is that morally unethical while it’s a hard call mean I’m not in a position to know whether that money was spent I’m not even in a position to know whether or not the local dollars that are spent IMing I know that somebody came by and did some potholes in my neighborhood you know I’m sure he created them they filled them out this way by the service record and egg is a kind of ministering her but I want to get back to something you can about when you said like how do you go from like a 15-year-old you know regularly what is regular for Carol to like sovereign citizen so when I was younger I was in a very small town was in a mirage which you know still part of a larger city but when I was a kid that wasn’t the case on Rogers exit, separate from everything out there’s a lot of field and physically sending you as a kid I didn’t actually recognize an authority outside of a mirage in fact the idea never really occurred to me I’d I know that doesn’t necessarily make me sovereign but like in my own head like the city of El Mirage was its own nation it may as well then we took care of everything in house we didn’t even have a sheriff department we had like the the deputies and we rarely had those and it wasn’t until I was eight or so that we got our own police force 27 is less arms and you probably Artie heard that but that there’s a whole county convention and that they think that Sheriff is the ultimate authority above all my my point is is that like in rural America were I think the majority of these people are is it it is really easy to see why they would consider themselves aren’t citizens he spent so much time set in a separate from everybody else even from other neighbors by acres and acres of land everything that happens on your property is your problem you call the police every time you know there’s somebody at your door something and it’s easy to take that out and every if you’re an adult with those feelings are to spread those same sentiments to your children yeah yeah you are I think the same is true about religion to money to spread that your children just like any other communicable disease well or STD well on conservatism good spreads the same way if you’re conservative liberalism spreads the same way if you’re liberal there’s some really based on what I found here I I wanted to get into some of the neurology of some studies and try to figure some things out so I did a little research and the ideas of how can you sort of how to somebody handle the cognitive dissonance the idea that you’re driving on this road to somebody else built that somebody else is maintaining symbiosis monitoring some Elsa said hey you know what we want people to drive this way on the side of the road and the other way and is on the road and that these yellow lines meanness and how can you do that and say hey I don’t pay taxes and I don’t yell or some serious cognitivists is going on there believing two totally different things at the same time and I wondered will how what makes that okay what makes that is there is there a certain type of personality that’s my kind of found the whole world thing but now I started digging is this everybody Like You Said There’s Wackos like St. Stupid Piercing the Word Stupid or Idiot or Tom Are Ignorant of Loss and I Was like Think These People Are Stupid If You Hear Them in Court and Not Stupid People I I Feel like This Isn’t a Stupidity Thing I Feel like It’s a Conservative Our Liberal like You Can Go You Can Go Crazy on Liberal and You Can Go Crazy and Conservative You Know I Mean You Can Go Way Too Far Right You Go Way Too Far Left and His Guys Are Just Way Way Right and There Are Some Neurological Studies That Show That There Are Different Brain Structures That You Can Literally Take a Neurologist and Have Them Crack Open Somebody Who’s Passed Away Crack Open School Look at Him and Go out with like It Was 76.9% Accuracy This Is a Liberal Based on Looking at the Brain Same Percent Accuracy This Is a Conservative by Looking at the Brain Based on Amygdala Development or All My God What Is It Called to Have My Notes Somewhere but That When You Look at the the Likelihood of Somebody Becoming Conservative If There Both Parents Are Conservatives That Likelihood Percentages like the 69% Are up for It If You Can Predict Something like Conservativism or Liberalism Based on Any Evidence at All That Evidence Is 69% Basing Your Parents and Send and Postmortem 76% Predict Ability on the Brain Regular Conservative in the Parts of the Brain That Are Given the Conservative Is the Emotional Part so the Parts That Are Growing That Are More Developed in Postmortem for the Liberal Brain Hard Just Need to Take a Quick Break to Mention Our Sponsor E Campus You Have Textbooks While Seldom Shop Shipping Is Free I Get Paid or Get an In-Store Credit for Books That You Need for the Next Class and You Have Go to Critical Today Back to the Show Really Interesting Article so That Liberals Are Out Of Touch with Reality Basically They Said That That’s That’s Why Were Were Losing People on the Liberal Side Is Because the like the Democrats and You Know in in DC They They Keep Projecting This like Everything Is Fine and Everything Is Are Usually Not Fine on You Know We’ve Got Our Problems That Need to Be Fixed and That You the Democrats They They Only See One Problem That Can Keep Harping on It like Right Now Their Major Concern Is the Whole Russian Probe and like There’s Other Problems That We Need to Be Focusing on but That’s That’s Pretty Much Other Than a Focus on Right Now Is the Russian Probe There Was an Editorial Sorry You Know I Can’t Say That It Was Unbiased Unbiased but It Made It Made Some Sense You Know People Become Disenfranchised like a Given Me like I Hear the Russian Probe and Stuff and Yeah I Kinda Care but like I Care More about Healthcare and Audio Things Are Currently Being Ignored like Can We Maybe Focus Here Are in Normally Infrastructure We We’ve Already Got Our Special Systems or Special Investigation Unit That Is Doing the Thing Let Them Do Their Thing and Come up with What They Will Focus on the Other Problems Right Now That Affect Us As Citizens with the News Focusing on the Talking about Everybody Want to Know Where I Know Where You’re Coming from I Said Because in the News Is a Is a Is like Saying Why Saturn I Live Only Focusing on This Their Entertainment News Is Just Entertainment If You Want to Focus on Healthcare Go Look at All the Stuff the Stock Health. Just Know There’s No End to It If You Want to Go Look at There’s Lots of Things Brand-New Every Day regarding What’s Going on in the Healthcare Bill and Healthcare in General I Don’t Know I Just If You Just Turn It on and Let It Wash over You Can Find Once Thought You Were a Conservative Nigra Conservative I Don’t Think Either of Us Are Literally Conservative No Yes so If You Are the Child of Sovereign Citizens or a Sovereign Citizen You’re Much More Likely to Become One of These People That Think That Way but I Was of This Is Not the Only Place That These Sovereign Citizens Are Coming from so Do People Get Recruited Via Drawn into It Is It If You like to Me It Seems a Form of Protest You Are Frustrated He Were Angry You Are Whatever at the Quote Unquote System Unit Is the Only Choice You Have Brought out in a Beaten down by the Man’s a You You You Know Instead of Staying and Participating in and Shoveling Ship against the Tide You Know You Remove Yourself You Say I’m Not Can Participate I’m Not to Be Part of That Corrupt That Unjust That Immoral System Which It Makes Sense to Me I Would Rather Stay I Would Rather Fight the Good Fight and Try to Make a Difference from the inside of My Sister Lives in the Middle of Nowhere in New Mexico and There Are and I Had No Idea until I Went to Visit Her She Is in the Most Rural Place That I’ve Ever Visited Really like They Have Cages at the School Bus Stops for the Children to Make Sure They Don’t Get Attacked by Wolves I’m Dead Serious Admits Early on in the Media but She Says There’s People out There That Were Born off the Grid When They Were Born at Home They Don’t Have a Birth Certificate They Don’t Have a Social Security Number They That’s Really Risky They Live off the Grid Their Whole Lives in a Minute There’s a Bunch of People out There Apparently like That Is No Such an Ingrained Mistrust of All Government You Just Go You Find Seeming like the Appellation Area I Was Rosalie and Those Are the Keys If You’re off the Grid Anyway and You’re Not Driving on That Road It Does Make A Lot More Sense to Say Hey Why Do I Have To Pay Taxes Was Only One Road in the County in That File Well If You Live in the Middle of the Mountains and You Decide Not That You Know to Give Birth to Your Children and Never Have Them Registered Amino Really Doing Any Harm of Prolactin on Our Feds Are Going after Those People Big Way There I Don’t Know What the Menu Might Be Breaking a Rule but like When You’re in the Middle of Nowhere and There’s a Red Light in the Middle of Dark Can See in All Directions There’s No Car Coming Are You Go to That Red Lighting Is Sit There until It Will Probably Never Turn Green You Know It’s Not Time for It to Be a Slight O If You Can Hit It by the Way Your Knock and Headed Narrow through the Red Light Yeah Get below Are the One Cup These Guys Light Obviously I Got the Little Button with His Eye Guy like You to Read This Guy Goes I My Mark Folder Different When You’re in a Big Society and, One of the Big Things That I Was Trying to Get My Head around Was It Seems like One of the Things That Is Common Is That These People Are Blind to the Concept of Society for Example Money Is Both Real and on Not Real at the Same Time Because $100 Bill Is Not Worth $100 Literally It’s Not Worth $100 except Literally It Is You Know Me Because It’s Both Real and Extra It’s Real Assets so It’s Really Not Real Same Time It’s It’s It’s One of Those Things That Becomes Real Because Society Says It’s Real It Has Value Because We Assign It at Value in the Same Thing Goes for the Things Were Talking about Here As Society Says This Road Should Be Here This like Look at a Freeway That Runs Rates in the Middle of the City on on 51 It’s Not You Know You Are Straight and Immediately a Left-Hand Turn That’s 90° It’s a Smooth Flowing Road We’ve All Figured out about How You Probably Go about 8090 Miles on That Road without the Road Itself Becoming an Obstacle to How Fast You’re Going to Flip Because It Turned so Fast and Does That through the City Meaning I Mean I Remember the Freeway That They Had Pull up Apartment Complexes and Neighborhoods and and and Make This Freeway in the Middle of the City Now That’s Just Land Just like Land Anywhere Else It’s Is No Different but We Made It Different We Decided As Somebody Put the Civil Engineering Involved with the Finances of All They Made This Road They Got the Contract Sure There’s A Lot Of Capitalism Going on A Lot Of You Know Public Hearings Is A Lot Of Public Hearings Let a Zoning Miss A Lot Of Things Going on in Sounds and All the Stupid Things Going on but Ultimately You End up with Something That Everybody Agrees with This Is a Valid Thing and It’s Probably a 50-year-old Hundred Years Our Ally Return on Investment That’s Probably Way out There from a City’s Perspective and Then You Have To Maintain It and Then You Have To Watch It with Police That You Pay a Salary for Any and All Those Things That Some Gravel Road and Then Some Guy Says I’m Not Pain the Second Shirt You’re Missing A Lot Of What’s Going on in the Society That Has Said We All Wanted to Be Able to Go a Certain Speed on the Road for Efficiencies for Economy for All the Other Reasons We Wanted to Do That We Came Together We Invested That We Did the Thing Now It’s Done in Years to Get on It and Go and in All Script but He Also Take Advantage of the System You’re Missing the Whole Point of the Beauty of the Whole Society Partners Thinking Individual Investor to Make Me Think about the Big City Versus the Role the Concept and It’s Interesting You Say That You Are in a Small Town in of People First Started to Band Together and Tribes Will Benefit You Know We Can All Protect Ourselves We Can All Hunt and Gather We Can All You Individually Yeah Good United We Stand Divided We Fall with How Everyone on Phrase It People Mutually Benefit Each Other in of the Same Is True Whether You Got in 05 1050 People Are with the Share 5 Million 10 Million People in Place There Is a Social Contract There Now That the Government Has Authority Because Everybody Agrees You Know That They’re Going to Listen to I Have As Much Powers As the President You Don’t Mean I Just Have a Heck of A Lot Less People That Listen to Me You Know the Government Has Authority Because People Give It Already Writes Everybody Bands Together in This Mutually Beneficial Thing That We’ve Dubbed Society Right and We Have a Government to Help Smooth Interactions between Its Citizens Because Conflict Is Gonna Come Naturally Yeah I Know so We Have Laws in Place We Have People to Enforce the Laws We Have Judges We Have a Whole Legal Structure to Make It Easier for People to Interact with Each Other You Know so I Guess We’ll Work on Getting at Here Is What’s the Role of Government in I Mean We Could Argue That It’s like You Said Your Diving into the Natural Father Which Is to Critically Think about a Subject You Know What Is Government That’s a Very Definitely Legit While I Think the Role Government Is so If You Think about It the Board Game Monopoly or Anything Okay so Many Wanted to Play Monopoly with with the Two of Us and Not None of Us Never Played before Right Sebring at the Board and You Open It up He Take All the Pieces He Said on the Board and You Realize We Don’t Have a Rulebook You Would Have To Grants Roles without It We Would Just Be like Moving Pieces around the Board and Maybe Throwing Houses at Each Other There There’s No Structure and without It You Have Anarchy Yes and despite What Some People in My Life Think Anarchy Is Not a Good Thing Coming down the Whole of the Rabbit Hole I Never Really Looked into Anarchy but Fascinating Subject I’m in I Again I Don’t See Any Sound Logic to What They Are Trying to Say in This Whole Anarchy Thing and Then Goes to the Unabomber Guide Says You Can Have All the Stuff Because Working on No Self-Destruction to Start at the End of This Passage Can Your Sandwiches to Ourselves and Our Readers but the Idea of Anarchy Had Never Really Come Often Anything I Was A Lot It Was Just a Simple Yeah Some People Say That Is a Joke or Whatever I Never Really Dug into Thinking That Sony Had a Logical Some People Take It and Research and Yeah It’s a Wonderful Theory Is It It What I Mean Is Just like Marxism Took a Wonderful Theory and Practice Right I Mean If Everybody Could Get along and Cooperate and Respect Each Other Than We Could All Live Side-By-Side and There Wouldn’t Be Any Need for a Government Because We All Just Be These Wonderful People and and You Know Neighbors Would Grade Their Own Roads and in Communities Would Take Care Themselves in Unison Anarchy and That Anybody Could Do What They Want but We All Be Respectful and As We All Want to Do Anything Right I and Open We Know That I Ever Thought of Anarchy Is a Utopian Thing I Was like Yes Is a Terrible As Always They Just Want to Throw Rocks at Windows, and Active Units and That They Wanted What I’ve Heard about It and Learned about It from People It Preach It Is That You Know They Want to Do Away with All Forms of Government at All. Which You Know If You Can If Bile If We Could All Live in Harmony like Ants You Know There Is No Chaos and Everybody’s Happy and Everybody Does with Their Supposed to the Wicked Way That Ants Don’t Live in and It in an Government Free Society Though I Mean They Have a Role the Their Bread That Way All Has Been Well No I Mean Is My Example Is I Think It’s Really My My Point Is That Everybody Does with Their Supposed to Do yet People Don’t Work That Way You Know and like Unfortunately I Know A Lot Of May Be A Lot I Know A Few People That Just Wholeheartedly Believe That If They Just Stuck to What It Is That They Want to Do and Ignore Everything Else That Everything Will Get by Okay I like I Don’t Understand How You Can’t See the Bigger Picture like Imagine Everyone Live Their Life That Way like the Car That You’re Driving Wouldn’t Exist Because No One Can Go to Work to Make That so Arrogant Set to I like the Idea the Answering Because There Is a There Is a a a Prebuilt Set of Rules If You Will That They Go by That Their You Said There Bread with Them Genetically There Are Some Rules That They Follow the Simple Rules of Actually Been Able to Do A Lot Of Computer Simulations for Those Rules and They Can Do Some Amazing Things Is a Big One Big Organism in People and so Can People Yeah It’s Very Impressive I Think People Seem to Get Rid of Free Will Robot Is Really Withholding Us Back to Just Have Everybody Do What You Want Them to Do Form a Hive Mind I Don’t Have To Be Made to Find One like Super Brain like Stephen Hawking or a Really Ago Talking to You and Another Lumbering and All and Just and Will Do Whatever He Says We Can Form a Human Chain up to the Moon If We Wander I’d like to Be on the Top of the Pile on the Bottom Well You Have No Free Will Anymore so Doesn’t Matter What You Extra I Guess I Would Be Happy That All the Time I Don’t Know Where It Will Be Only Ignorance Is Bliss Well so We Get a Group of People That Are Choosing to Remove Themselves from Society While Still Benefiting While Still Reaping the Benefits from Society What You Know Now I Don’t Think That’s Putting so I Don’t Think That’s Properly Putting the Audience in the Mindset of’s Sentences Okay I Don’t I Think That Might Be What You See from the outside from the inside What You See Is Someone Who Truly Do the Thought Experiment from It If during the Switch the 1930s the Gold Standard Really Did Mean What They Think It Means regarding the Corporation of America Where America Stopped Being a Government Stop Being Controlled by All of Our Votes and Stopping and Instead Switched to a Corporate Entity If It Really to Do That What You Gotta Give That You Not like This I Watched a Scary Movie Just Suspend Reality from an Interesting Okay That Really Happened You Live in This World Now It’s 1930s This Been Going on There Something That Happened in the 1870s That Stood Something without a Law and the Common Law and the Civil War Did Something and You End up with the 1930s Goaltender and Now You Have This Judiciary Okay That Is Controlled by the Jewish People It’s Not a Coincidence That Those Two Words Sound Very Similar Wow That’s Not Where Were in Suspend Reality a Guy I Never Made That Connection before Admiralty Law Is Applicable Here Because You Have You Have A Lot Of Ships and Don’t Forget You Have A Lot Of Ships Have A Lot Of Votes No I Didn’t Say Boat so You Have Ships like Memberships and I’m Not Kidding Yeah Name the Word at the End of It Being Ship and It Is Part of the Problem and Its Is It Isn’t Just Exactly Now You’re onto It so with Your Citizenship You Following Admiralty Law Masturbation Ship on Golf That’s Part of the Law and Is Not It Is Not It Will Be It’ll Be a Sub Readiness and Now When You Become This Citizen This Not a Citizen You Become a Part of This Corporation That Really Does Exist You Have Got a Value of $6000 or $25 Million Depending on Where You Rank to Where You Were I Don’t Know Is Worth 5 Million Okay in the Sovereign I Don’t Know Man I Mean I’m Just Putting You in the in This Little Land Because Once a Day Once You Pay the Sovereign Citizen Guys the Guys That Are at the Gun Shows That Are Showing You These Packages That You Can Purchase with Money That Is Anything but They Want You Once You Purchase This Package It Will Show You the Legal Steps You Need to Take to Become a Sovereign Citizen That Will Then Allow You to Tap into That Font That Is Your Font You Just Don’t Know You Have This Fun Because You Haven’t Separated Yourself the Birth Name That Is the Capital Letter You with the Site with the Actual Person You Which Is the Normal Spelling You Soon As You Split Those Two One Becomes a Person Enters the Entity or the Individual or the However They Want to Say It If You Properly Separated Yourself with the Correct Oh My God I Forget What It’s Called It’s a US Sees See They Know These Things There inside Not so Well Once You’ve Done It Properly You Cannot Tap into That Value and and When the Police Pull You over Here’s a Wonderful Thing There Is a There’s a Price Schedule That You Get to Send Them When the Place of Pull You over and They Detained You for an Hour or 10 or Three Days You Get to Choose Based on the Fund That You Have Tapped into What They Owe You for That Time so Your Value Could Be $100,000 Now or It Could Be $1 Million Now Doesn’t Say First and Then You They What They Do Is They Literally Put Liens Actual Liens on the Court Reporter on the Police Officer on the Judge on the Everybody Involves the Accounting That the Attorneys Everybody Gets These Liens Signed Them and Their Real the Real Liens That You Don’t Know Exist and to Go to Try to Sell Your House or Car Whatever They Call You Got This Mean Weight Why Because There Are Very There Very Few States to Have Hardly Laws That You Can Set Apparently They Can Just Put a Lien on Your I Mean This As If You Sell Your House This Amount of Money Goes to Them First Unless You Squashed Only so the Value of Your House Is Hundred Thousand Dollars the Lead Is $20,000 You Sell Your House They Get a Check for 21 How It’s a Real Thing I Need to Start Taking out Liens on Peter and the I Know Right This Is Where They Start Becoming so There’s This Magic They Have This Formula so They’re Not Part of Our Our System but They Using Our System against Us Yes They Are That What They Are As They Are under Cover Their Undercover inside the Civilization That You Live in Their Undercover and They Are Using Your Own Dumb Laws against You like Lizard People Know That’s a Whole Different Subject of This Is Some I Mean No I’m Barely Touching the Surface Guys I’m Serious This Stuff Is It’s Crazy except Have I Said Crazy I Should’ve Said That What I Really Need to Say Is It’s Fascinating and I Really Want to Know More I Don’t Know I Cannot Figure out a Way to Make It Lay so If You’re a Sovereign Citizen Know Is to Call Us a Call and Email Only and Are Not What You and the More You Analyze Right Now the Man Called in Academy You Know You Need to Do to Become a Sovereign Citizen I Do I Don’t Think Next Month I’d Only Been Much Other I Think Can You Become a Dictator of Your Own Micro Nation Just like to Totally Accept It Is Difficult to Stop Being a Citizen like like There Is the Rules You Cannot Be in America When You Denounce Your Citizenship You Have To Be Somewhere Else Literally You Physically Have To Be Somewhere Else so You Have To Go Some to Some of the Country and Then Denounce You Have To Go to a Consulate This Paperwork Have To Do This You Have To Explain It after You Know Figure out Where All Your Money You Have To Pay Fees to Pay the Fees As Lighting Tax Just to Make Sure Cleared up As a Security It’s Weird You Belong to Someone Don’t You Know You Become a State There Person There Are Images in a Movie with Tom Hanks You Don’t They Just Get Stuck in Airport You Have To Have a Passport You Can Get Passports Occult Economic Passport Union from Certain Countries I Have To Do Is Buy Something of Substance I Don’t Know It’s Different in Different Countries My You Can Get Financed of Basic Economic Passport and Become like a Common International Citizen or Whatever That Screw You Have To Have That Passport International Is You Had to Have Your US Passport to Leave Because You Had Enter Somewhere Else Once You Ended That Somewhere Else but Anyway. The the Magic Spell of the Paperwork That They Do Is That They’ll Send the Police Officer Some Papers That Have A Lot Of Us like Latin and Word Salad and It Looks Legal and and Sounds like It’s Been a Really Become Located in the Police Are Trained Don’t Just Let Garbage so You Give That You Lawyer You Pay Your Lawyer the Lawyer Looks at Lawyer Thousand Cars Is Probably Garbage Than the Second One of the First One Something to Do with All of the Pay Schedule or the Laws That You Know of His Nation the Herniation That You Broke Because Your Nation or They Might See Something about the Diplomat or Whatever but on the Next One to Be Something Some of the Third One in Magical Three I Don’t Know Why That the Thing but the Thing the Magical Third One Will Be Legitimate the Third One Will Be Something That’s an Actual Summons from the Court When They Will Have the First to Make Sure They Look Just like the Third One You Going to Get and Make You Think You Can Throw in the Third One but the Third One Is One of Those Things Where You’re Just a Thought Awake As Jessica Payne the Lawyer to Just Throw Them out First and Second Peddler Peddler the Third One Is Real and the Third One Has This 30 Days If You Don’t Respond to the Court Now You’re against the Court and Now Your Actual Trouble so They Call Them Paper Terrorists This Is a Serious Serious Thing and It Clogs up the Works Because a Small Municipality Is Can I Have One or Two a Month Come through and Really Clog up the Works for the Whole System of Justice in That Municipality Can Be a Very Big Problem and That’s Not Even Wider Terrace the Terrorists in the FBI Because They’re Freaking Dangerous They Think You’re Somebody They Can Shoot Is Not a Real Person You’re Just a Storm Trooper Part of Corporation That They Don’t Believe in and You Are the the Me on Their Naxos Keeping Them down You Know There’s A Lot Of Your ID Also It Makes You Wonder Lake Are There May Be Different Levels of Love like Sovereign Citizens like the Hard-Core Absolutely Shared Everyone 95% of Are Not Violent or 98 Whatever Percent While It Doesn’t Take More Than One Ruling Right but All Right but When You Look at on the Suppose It Dangerous People in This Country You Can Find the Jihadist Islamic Terrorists Who I Think They’ve Thwarted like 36 Plots a Year or Something Whereas with These Guys They Thwart 370 Plots a Year so There’ll Way the Plotting to Plot Their Plotters Rea so Just Taking a Look at the Will Say Non-Aggressive Sovereign Citizen You Know They They Still Cause Problems and They Feel like They’re Educators They Want to Educate You and Explain to You the World You Really Live in Are Paying the Taxes Because They Have To They Don’t Know My Fight the System What I Wonder about with People like That Is like Imagine the Get Pulled over like Why Would They Stop If They Don’t Recognize It at Either One of Us Keep Going or Participated Fine If It Does Mean Anything Anyway or Just Accept the Ticket If You’re Not to Pay the Fine Does Anything Anyway but Why the Why the Big Holdout of Barricading Yourself in This Car and Making a Police Officer Break Your Window You Are There and You As Well Why Does That Have To Do That Well If a Cop Is Your Something Simple like You Have Brake Light Gray Wall Is Let You Go You Got No Brake Lights or I Can Just I Mean I’m Driving on the Same Row by the Time You Leave That’s That Scene with a Cop and the Cubs Let You Go You’re Driving on a Road with No Brake Lights You Stop Aspirin Dear I Hit You Asphalt for Letting That Person Row’s Account Has To Stop Him and the Has To Toe the Vehicle Can’t Toe the Vehicle with You in It If You’re Barricading Yourself in It They Have To Get You Out Of It Makes Sense to the Sorry but Those Rules Are There for a Reason That Everybody in Society Believes in and Were All Asking That Officer Do Do Your Job As a Synchronous Circular to Me Though Because If a Cop Asks You to Get Out Of Your Car and You Say No to Their Probable Cause Another Can Get You Out Of Your Car Know How That Works I Don’t I Think That When They Say Get out Your Car Often with the Saints Give Me Your License in These Guys Will Give My License Right Well That’s My Point so Now You’re Now You’re What Is Impeding the Investigation Yeah Was Gorgeous like Step a Step Be a Mean There Is a Much Steps in between but I Mean One Way or Another You’re Getting Out Of the Car Is Just on a Helicopter Trained like Don’t Call for 100 Unit Back up like Just It’s Your Job Break the Window Get Them out You Know like Don’t Make This into a Long Drawn out Process but of Course Now since 2010 Yeah the Cops Are A Lot A Lot More Weary and They’ll They’ll Have Their Only Sovereign Citizens Have Realized It’s Often That Lamented a Cardboard Dell Dell Make Their Own and It’ll Have the Symbolism of the Whatever Logos They Have a Letter Own Micro Nation That Is X Assuming I Was I Was Wondering about Literally It Is Those Traveling on the Road to Mike at As a Seven Citizen You Wouldn’t Have a License Plate Because You Wouldn’t Feel the Need to Purchase One so Argentina Stick out like a Sore Thumb Is That Guy without a License Plate Yeah I Do Know There Is an Entire Sub Reddick Called Am I Free to Go Home and Which Is People Dealing with Police Officers and I Mean I Get It You Know You Want to Know Your Rights Yeah Make Sense to Me I Feel like I Understand the System Lot More When I Realize I Have If I’m Getting Pulled over I Have Already Made a Contract with This Authority Already I Made That Contract with This Authority When I Said I Am a Citizen of the United States I’m a Citizen of This State I’m a Citizen of County Drivers License Driving on Your Road I’m Paying Taxes Specifically so That You Will Pull Me over Because Whatever It Is I’m Doing Wrong I Don’t Want to Do Again If I Really Am Doing Something Wrong and If Somebody Else Is Doing Something Wrong I Really Want You the Authority to Pull Them over a Five Giving You the Cop Authority over Others I Have To Then Give You That Same Authority over Me the Very Point I Mean so If I Say Have Been Respectful of You Officer by Putting My Hands in 10 into and Putting My Keys out Here Turning My Lights on and Not Going after My Glove Box and That’s What You’re Supposed to Do I’m Being Respectful to You Because I’ve Given You Authority and I Really Want to Have It Because Somebody Needs to Be That Authority in My Niagara All I Want to Pull over for Speeding the Oregon Wildlife Refuge the Montana Freeman 1996 81 Days of Being Held up Texas Kidnappings 92,060 Missouri This Gets Us into the Moorish Which Is an Interesting Idea but the Moors Now like the This Is a so Sovereign Citizen Is a, Rooted While Very Much so Rooted in Racism Right in the South I Mean the Civil War and That I Grew up in the South Yeah Tell You Some Stories Yeah My High School Was Shut down for A Few Days When the Plan Marched Yeah and You the Admin in Observance of the National Holiday Well Viewed the Administrator Said They Were They Were Shutting the School down Because They Didn’t Want Any Incidences or Conflicts or Issues It Was a Safety Concern but I Think It Was Just a People Could Attend Lau While the Sovereign Citizen Movement Is Definitely Founded in That White of the Two Go Hand-In-Hand Is an Interesting Thought When You Have the Original Articles of Confederation with Their the Articles of His Own I Say Are to Federation Federation Which Was before the Constitution There’s A Lot Of There’s A Lot Of What’s Left in the Legal Verbiage That These People Use Comes from the Articles of Confederation Which Are Not Ratified Anymore Right We Had the Constitution Announced That Brett Would What Article for They Bring All the Stuff Bob and I Think A Lot Of That Stems from the Civil War and in the War of Northern Aggression This Is a Big Problem Because Prior to That Amendment I Think It Was the 16th Amendment Prior to That They Believe That People Were Not Citizens That the Eye the Act of Making Allowing Black up to Become Citizen Was the First and Only Time Legally the Documentation Should Began to Give Humans Citizen at All so This That’s Their Rotation Which Is Actually There’s A Lot Of Scholarly Information Assistance Wrong Interpretation Anyway but That’s Sort of Where Comes from Is the Disenfranchisement of the Poor People of the South after the Civil War Posse, Tata Is a Thing That Starts with That and That’s Where You Get the Idea That the Sheriffs Are the Highest Authority Land and I Am Not an Expert on This Is Just Me, of You Know Vomiting out Information Gathered Last Couple Days but yet There’s a Connection with the Recent Because Black People Were in Their Minds Brought into the Corporation As Part of the Overall If You Want to Use It As a GDP I Guess of the Country and That Was Somehow a Problem and They They Don’t Know How to Get Out Of It but We White People Do Know How to Get out from underneath This Admiralty Law There Some Weird Stuff Going on in There but That’s, What I’ve Gathered in the 14th Amendment 1871 but Anyway This Is Where the Judicial Part of Conspiracy Comes in and Goes THE Jewish People and Somehow Strangely Enough the Pope As the Leader Because That Makes All the Sense of the World Right The Catholic to Be the Leader of the Jewish People That Are Running the Conspiracy of the Banks Because It’s All Banking’s All Banking Is One Where Anti-Semites so We Don’t like the Banks Because We Don’t Just People so This Is Kind of the Whole Thing but the Idea of Being Separate from the Government Appeals to Black People in a Certain Way That Causes This New Movement of the Moorish and This Is Where the Moorish Come in Because It Is Not They Don’t Understand I Don’t Think They Know Maybe They Do but They Dismissed the Idea That It Started with Racism but There the Moorish Are Totally and It’s the Exact Same Rulebook They Do the Same Thing with All of the Liens and the Whole I Don’t Need to Pay Taxes the Whole Gamut Is the Same without Lack without the Races Okay Same Thing Yeah You Find the Same Thing and Probably This Is Where It Gets Really Trippy and You Look at the Native American Because There’s a Movement There Will Then That Is Missing Legal Threat All Bad Because Now You Are in Your Own Nation Say Why You You Get a Really Great Kind of like Who’s Country and Really Is a Skip Going Online Start I’m Hoping You Guys Can Time and I Mean Not Talk about the Role of Government Does the Government Have a Responsibility to Protect Its Citizens, Determine with the Subtle One Own Opinion May Widely Come on You Had to Make an Opinion on Does What Does a Government Is a Government Not Our Government Built a Government Have Responsibility to Protect Its Citizens I Don’t Have a Previous Opinion Think about It Now and What You Know You’re Being Asked Does the Government for Volatility to Protect Its Citizens Does a Government Have the Responsibility Protect Citizens and Say Protect Them from Foreign Invaders Will Remain I Guess That Is the Sole Role of the Government Is to I Mean This to Govern the People Imminent Circular about What You Had Said before Rules Right Right the Rules Are Internal Is Most like You Know Were All IT Here We’ve Got External Threats and Internal Threats and That I Have Your You Know Penetration Testing the outside and You Got Aboriginal Testing for Security Your Rules of the Internal and the Military Would Be Year External but Your Firewall Feel Your Protective Order and the Reason Why of Opinions Is Actually Some Conflict on This the Government Was in the United States Was Eunice Both Be of the People for the People by the People Right That You Want Your Toys Just Really the Government to Me Is More of a Corporate Entity This Point All Your Senses I Know I Don’t Consider Us a Sovereign Citizen However the Thing Is That It Behaves like a Corporate and It Is Currently Is Currently Being One of the Koran Is There Some Real Truth to We Are of the Other Problem Is like One of the Arguments That Currently Have with One of My Very Liberal Friends Is My Hope My Vote Doesn’t Matter Thing in Because I Can’t Buy You Know a Senate Seat like You Know a Company Can I Can Buy a Presidency like a Company Can You Know Me As an Individual I Don’t Matter You Know I May Be a Local Level and Somewhat Important but I Mean Obviously My Vote Didn’t Matter I Won the Popular Vote in the Stillness to Lose Because the System Is Rigged Know Because I Decided to Do the Dollar Runs the Country but Is It Is That Dollar Which Were Supposed to Be Voting on like I There Are Judges That Are Being Elected Who Are Sovereign Citizens Take but That for a Minute Way so What’s Happening Is the Sovereign Citizens Are Coming Together in Certain Counties Where They Come up with a High Enough Number Count to Be They’ll Vote the Basically the Majority and Then They Get to Have Their Own Judge so There’s a Big Thing about That so Now As a Citizen Are You Doing Your Part to Just Let Any Old Judge Get Elected What Happens When a Sovereign Citizen Judge Gets Elected As a Judge Now Your Judgments That You Can See Come in and Out Of That Particular County Are Going to There Are the Way of Everything Related to Somebody Who Doesn’t Want to Play by the Rules Is Then Going to Hold a Position of Authority Making Decision and in His Opinion or Her Opinion There There They Everybody’s Innocent Asked What Hundred and I You Can DUI and I Got a View on Cousins Not Come Here Occasion There Is a Really Simple Fix to the Whole Sovereign Citizen Legitimize Them Acknowledges Sovereign Citizens Are Effective Thing Label Them As Terrorists and Fixing the Longer Welcome on US Soil Well I Love It Yeah I Think If I Has Labeled Them but I Think You Have To Still Have More Than Just an Opinion Amines like Communism You Son a Little Bit like McCarthy and I Thought a Little Bit Further Does the Government Have a Responsibility to Protect Its Citizens from Themselves Us Sovereign Citizens Noncitizen in the United States Have Known That They Have No Reason to Protect Them They Need to Be Exported Yellow Tom’s Gone Back to the Idea Okay so You’re Asking If If I Was Was Be Protected from outside and Always Was to Be Protected from Each Other like Is the Government’s Job Is a Government Job yet Let You Know It’s Illegal for You to Kick My Ass Even Though You Couldn’t but You Will Be a Little for You to Judge Tempted to Just Assault Me I Mean I Could Call the Police You Know If I Hit Him Right Now I Might Not Rely on by Started It I Would Know the Concert Anyway for Salt I See I’m a Pass along Some Untrue Time Protected from Him but Am Where on Your Property or in a Grounded Part of It with the People Are Driving around the People Who Address Are Not Driving Their Traveling Writers of All and There Are Not Citizens Whatever All That Stuff There in Their Domicile That’s Another Thing and like I I Asked I Would Ask Them Bull and Make Your Own Road and You Can DUI on It All You Want Because Nobody Sat on the Road That You Have To Watch It but on the Road That We All Paid More to Make Rescue Not to Be Drawn First Make YourLeaders and Girl Go I Live That Way Will Now but I Mean That I Wonder Though If the People Who Take over and Homestead Land Would Really Have To Buy the Homesteads Land You Just Fork and in God’s Mind. You Can Still Do That by Understandably When You Homestead like a 20 Mile Track down and Actually Yeah Absolutely Acres and Acres Acres on It or Know Where Montana I Think Is a Limit to How Far You Can Homestead Though Probably However Probably Your Flag and Claim Calling You and 50 of Your Sovereign Brothers All Want to Go in There and Make a Line of Them You Can Make Your Own Road Have Whatever Laws You Want My Guess Is Micro Nation There’s Going to Be Lots of Little Bushes Growing in the Middle of That Road Trip You up You Better Not Do It on a Motorcycle Done for Is Not to Be a Maintained Road Right Away and I’m Thinking about It Does the Government Have a Responsibility to Protect Me from Myself and He’s Not to Finance What Was Your Opinion on As If You Asked the Question It Depends on How Much Authority You Want Your Government Have Want the Government Telling Me I Can’t Drink Because Alcohol Is Harmful to Try the Will They Did but They Also Have a Significant Ring Tone 21 in This Country Right so You Know I’m 18 I’m Legally an Adult but I Can’t Drink Alcohol Because Why Because Your Domino Make Dumb Decisions While the Government Is You and I Who Apparently He Doesn’t Think He’s Developed Elected Officials Are Way Move out I Just Something That Matters Right so His Militant Matter but When You and I Voted We Continued to Reassert That That Something We Wish and Society That Someone Who Has a Child Is Not Allowed to Let Them Drink until a Certain Age Because We Have Found That Society Doesn’t Bode Well When 13-year-old Drinking Alcohol and If I Were on A Lot for Only Just My Search History Alone for the Notes I Have in This Thing I’ve Gotten… Any Black Helicopters Is Crazy This Is Is the Nasty Racist off the Dark Red Holes.Anyway I Think RAI Think in You Honestly We Could See Here and What If All Day but the Government Does Have a Responsibility to Protect Its Citizens from Themselves You Think They Do Okay Well Overall Were Going to Vote at a County Level a City Level a State Level at a Federal Level for All Sorts of Different Things and so When It Comes to the Federal Level It Becomes a Blanket against All Others Trumps Everything Else so in the Last Federal Election Something When We Get the Word of the Population Voted No and Then Out Of That Third Only under a Third of That Third You Know Was the Deciding Factor in Who Are Current Federal Leadership Is but I Would Say There’s Even Less People That Vote at the State and Local Level I Yeah I Don’t Know It Could Be Ops It Can Be More People Voting at the Time Client Agree with Tom As He Lines out the Door during State and City on the Olive on the Way around to Your County Commissioners Commissioner I Don’t Have Commission That I Know the Name of Okay to Me People Don’t. At Least My Experience Anecdotally What You Could Ask You to Name a Neighbor I Have Neighbors I’ve Met Them and Just Not Real Sure of Their Individual Names I Mean I Have I Have I Have Met Are Commissioners Who Is Your Congressional District Representative in Congress and Distributed As Well As My Perfect My Wife Had Quite A Few Times and Will I Would Say You’re the Exception That I Think so Yeah It’s Nice to Be Involved to the Point Where You’re Not Actually Running for Anything You’re Just Involved Because You Want to Know What’s Going on inside the System and You Make a Change and Be Aware Yes I and Disassociating Yourself Right Michael Jackson Song and Took a Look at Yourself Make a Change in the the Old Days the Government’s Role from a Protect Yourself Would Be My Opinion on That Is Sort of If I When I Vote I Know I’m Voting Probably against the Masses but When I Vote for Something like Should Heroine Be Illegal My Opinion Is No I Don’t Thing It Should Be Illegal I Think Crack Cocaine Should Be Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Legal I Think Heroine Should Be Legal Although Should Be Legal Because It Should Be Your Job to Go Hey It Would Be Really Stupid for Me to Do Any of That You Know Because of the Impact It Has on You Well I Alcohol Is a Way Worse and It’s Legal and yet Bearable I Agree and I Disagree Because like with Heroine Especially It’s Hard for You to Be a Functioning Member of Society As a Heroin Addict While Also We Have an Opioid Epidemic We Going on Right Now in This Country Have Epidemic Going on in This Country Is Lots of Perfectly Functional Opioid Addicts and O’Malley Opioid Users Meso I Mean Okay Here’s the Deal You like with Heroine Was Legalized and If I Can Be Cheap Enough Was Legally Could Be If I Could Cheat Well Not Even That Is Now Could Be Just Cheap As There Was Legal It Could Be Cheaper Cigarettes Which Are Our Legal Notes Are Cheap Good If Not Good Anyway but Is a Health Cigarettes a Better You Hold on Log Anyway: If the Government Legalized Heroin That Means They Gotta Get Their Piece of the Pie Somalis Heroine Already Can Be Extensive Can Get Taxes for on Top of It so That Even More Expensive and the People That Are Heroin Addicts Again Are Normally Functioning Members of Society Which Music to Do All Kinds of Illicit Crap to Get It so You Can Accrete the Snowball Effect If It Was Legal There Would Be More Suppliers and There Would Be More Consumers Thereby Driving the Price down the I Don’t Know That I Buy I Think That There’s a Pretty High Tax on Heroin and Subtly Buys and Now They’re Paying for A Lot Of of Price Secretiveness of the Trying to Hide It in the Fact That Anyone Doing It Is Paying a Pretty Hard for That Part of the I Need to Take a Moment Here to Mention Our Sponsor E Set Antivirus I Trust You Set Not Only Does It Keep You Keep the System Safe but It’s Small Snowblower Where It Will Not Slow down Your Business Servers Your Desktop Show Clinics PCs Mags on File Servers Web Servers to Try It out Help Us out Go to/Set and That Secure Your System Now Based on the Research That We’ve Done Everything We Talked about That on Your Definition Is Used and the You Know the Sovereign Citizen Thing Seems to Be a Western English-Speaking Country Idea There Is an Australian One and There’s a Canadian One Right Can a Freeman Right Was Call You Think the Printer in the UK As Well Okay Do We Know If This Is Something That’s Exclusive to I Mean I’m Just Trying to Imagine People like in Somalia Be My Being That the Outlier and Forming a Government While or I Mean I Don’t See Going over Very Well in Places like China While I’m Not an Authority but Don’t Forget about like Gypsies Think Is There for the Same Thing Is the Same Sort of Thing Yeah I Want to Live a Mile with Estes Extreme Libertarianism Is a Thing of Gypsy’s Been Pretty Liberal Thought Gypsies but I Thought That Was like a Derogatory Term for 90 and While There Is Really Yeah I Never Thought That I Thought Okay so Yeah You Know Romany Is Not a Romanian Okay Okay the Romani or Gypsies There There Just Traveling People Know Managed the Group Is Just an English Term Nomad Was the Word Is Looking for That Wall What I Searched Gypsy and I Got Romani so You Are Right yet Will Know but I Was Trying to Define It but Calling a Gypsy Romani Really Doesn’t Tell You Anything I You Also Get 1 Million of Them Here in the United States 1 Million Gypsies in the US and Everywhere Apparently Their Nomadic so When I Say Anywhere They Want Is When I Do My RVing in My Parking Next to Some Gypsies As Possible like a Bomb, Thanks Entrance Smell That the Fetus Are Available after the Stories My White Privilege Showing All in Are You Afraid When You Pulled over by the Police Know What You I Don’t like You Don’t like It I Do Have My I Do Get a Heart Habitation When the Lights Come on Having Its Ever I Don’t like It but in My Fearful of Something Happening Do I Have an Imagination That Says This and This and This Can Happen Next Not All of These White Yeah so I Mean I Mean I’ve Never Feared for My Life but That Might Slowly Be Changing Banks the Media You Pulled over by the Police A Lot but I’ve Only Ever Gotten One Ticket and I Really Deserve That Ticket to Love Doing like Really Nothing Every Interaction I’ve Ever Had with the Places Always Been Positive You When I’m at Fault and so like When My Friends Are like All You’re so Lucky to Get Deported Unlike Why We Know Is True and Genuine Fear for People outside of Arizona of Mexicans Living in Arizona like Everybody I Know That Was outside of the of Arizona Assumes That I Live in Constant Fear Being Deported to Mexico Even Though Your Citizen Yeah and Brown with a Minimal Event That a Neighbor of What Is It Gigi Jeong Born in East LA Is American but He Gets Deported Anyway This Is Things Not so Funny Anymore the Fee While Maybe a Couple Things One Is the Fear Part of the the Conservative Brain Where the Amygdala Is Is a More Developed Is Definitely More Based on Fear Is the Emotion My Dad Helping Though I Totally Get It and I Think If You’re If You’re Assuming Beer and You’re Also Assuming Changes Bad Because You Know Stability in Normal and the Same Is It Is Less Safe yet Safer but Then I Figure That a Little Bit and Also Makes Me Think of the Selection Bias Where You Say That A Lot Of People from outside of Arizona Think That Arizona’s Place Where If You Go Here to Get Deported There’s There’s Always This This Vision That Somebody Gets of Another Place like the Grass Is Green Aside Concept but the Other in Reversing a like You Don’t Want to Go to Russia Because There Are Just like You Know Russia and I Need to Insert and That Whatever Media and I Have a Family Member Who’s Terrified of Going to Mexico Because Exactly They Only Ever Get to the Laurel Laureate on the News about the Drug Cartels and the and the Stuff If You Go to Mexico Your Head Will Get Chopped off Right Yeah into and You’re in Your Cost to Pull You over and Asked for Money up Front That’s Happened and Slide It Absolutely I Either Let’s Not Noticing Why Yeah Not Everywhere and Where Were You in Mexico by the Border at the Point Yeah Riot Point Is Not the Same Thing in a Neighbor’s Get a Beach House down There and He Goes on There with His Kids All the Time and Is His Parents Lived on Their Full-Time As Retirees in the Its Purpose Is Not so Much Anymore Back in the 90s Every to Mexico As Always Assume You’re to Be Paying Money to the Red Cross Every Time You Travel down the Road Because If You Didn’t Know There Was the Militia with All Their AK-47s Are M-16s like Donation Please so Actuate That Beer by Telling Only That Story and the Thousands of People Who Didn’t Have It Happen Being Heard Right It’s the Same Sort of Selection We Get a Normal Should Perpetuate the Fear Can Literally up in the Recent in the 90s Not Still Happen All Well I’ve Never Had a Problem in There Plenty of Times a Portal into Rocky Point Never Really Further Than That but I Imagine There’s a Big Country in Rocky Point Is Not Mexico for Asthma Effect Is Not Little Strange Law Area to This Whole Little Zone There I Could Look It up and Give You Some More Information Right Now I Have It I Just Remember There’s a There’s a Different Sort of Financial Transactions Set up That They Have at the Border Zone Areas Know Okay the Important Thing to Remember Is That Rocky Point Is Not the Gulf Of Mexico, Hasslefree Vehicle so Yeah I Don’t Know If That’s from after the Freezone Yeah Musketeer As Long As Poor so There’s This Freezone Deuced Customs Requirements Now so I’ll Rocky Point Falls within That Now That Special Zone so Not Really in the True Mexico and Are Still in Mexico You’re Not in the US Each Year Definitely Not You Have Never Been Are and Don’t Get Me Wrong I Love Going Rocky Point There’s Just Certain Expectations like the Corrupt Police of Effective Insurance before You Go across the Border You Know You Buy Insurance for Now I Would Never Have It Is a Lie Is a Straight Somebody Else’s Car Now That’s Not Thing If You Look at the Legalities of It Is Just a Scam to Find Inexpensive on This Topic the Risk That the Scam Okay so Says the Catholic Leg Is Better Overall Writing Guide Same As You Know Airmail Married a Bad Just in Case Status in Case of an We Were Talking about It Is the Sovereign Citizen Thing a Western Phenomenon Will Not There Definitively Answered No to Because of the Gypsy Thing and the Freeman in Their Canadian I Would Consider the Western United Kingdom Western Power You You Did Say in the Adventure regarding Non-English Starting That I’m Back to the Gypsies on 08 Who Are the Guys That Are in India the Gurus Losing Their Naked Usually the Illuminati Hobby a Little Know the Punjabi the Hindu Punjabi Language It’s in It’s a Region in Northwest India When You Know When You Want to Ask Yourself If There Are Strange People and Strange Lands the Answer to Yes I Mean If You Think That the the Idea of Hey This Government Doesn’t Mind Me to Any Contract Is Just a Western Thought II Would I Would Hazard a Guess at That Temperature Uses Human Know This Is a Human Thought Me the Idea That the Individual Is in a Situation of a Lack of Power and That There Is Some Repressor out There That’s Causing None That Is Not Marginalized People Are or Oppressed People and Talking about You Know That I’m Saying Is If You Have Enough of Them Some of Them a Percentage of Them Is to Blame the Reprint Anywhere Anywhere You Have Somebody Trying to Lay down the Law You Can Have Someone Trying to Afford It I Guarantee You the Very First Ship That Ever Gets Want to Troy and the Second One the Guest Wants to Be a Space Pirate and Then You Have To Have A Lot Of Civil Authority People That Have Claimed Ownership of the Moon and the after Mars on the Good Luck so I Think That That’s Gonna Be a Big Thing You Can Say That the Sovereign Citizen Is an Organized Thing Amended Their Their Leader on Their Leader List Their Writers, Their Disorganized Together Disorganized and so That’s What I Had I Mean I Just Thought Could We Do a Thought Experiment of Can We Actually Put Ourselves in Their Mindset AI Simply I Tried Here Just Now and Couldn’t Get There so I Can’t Do the Whole Racism Thing Because I Just Don’t Have That Because I Already Know There Is Such Thing As Nonwhite Races I Know I Can Understand the Appeal of Sovereign Citizenship Especially Again from a Place of Desperation If You Need Money or If You If You Just Really Need Some Thing to Be the Way It Isn’t Being a Sovereign Citizen Sounds Really Compelling Does and Trying to Throw Any Legal Presidents You Can or Any Kind of Mumbo-Jumbo It Somebody to Justify That Is Going to Become More and More Compelling and Then You Know If I Were a Sovereign Citizen Obviously Melisma Children the Same Way and the Have an Even Deeper Held Belief of the Sovereign to the Problem Because They’ve Never Had Anything Otherwise and You’re Gonna Be That Authority from the Very Beginning and Will Be the Special Ones Will Be the Chosen Ones Will Be the Only People That Really Understand How the World Work and Other People If Only They Knew You My Depaul and Only a Pile Thanks Paul a Bear Walks into a Bar with a Bandage on His Handy so for the Men Shot My Paw to Live It so Did Not Decide Who Say to the Hot Dog Vendor Make Me One with Everything All 90s Not Wasn’t Funny Once the Middle and so He Has a Hot Dog and He Introduces He Was My Change the Vendor Says Change Must Come from within Think I Just Made That up Is Now an Old Joke by the Last I Heard the Jerk I Fell off My Dinosaur so the Sooner Us so Not a Dinosaur but There Is This Whole Thing about People Who Renounce Their Citizenship in a Legitimate Way That I Was Fascinated with Because You Say That There’s A Lot Of Sovereign Citizens Who They Know They’re in a Pinch Financially and They Can’t Pay the Fine This Is One Where This Guy Is a $20 Fine for Something Related to His Daughter Noticed Out Of the Bathroom Place in Florida and Six Months Later and a Whole Lotta Legal Fees the State Drops the Case Is They Just Can’t Deal with It They Just Be to Let Them Go He Doesn’t Have To Pay the Fine out There Was Actually One of the Few Things I Did Try and Find Was Anytime Sovereign Citizen Is Actually One of Them Here’s How Their Winning Their Winning Because If a Cop Pulls You over and You’re Blatantly a Sovereign Citizen More Often Now Than Normal If It’s the Middle of the Night They’ve Artie Reach Their Quota Might Just Walk Away Because Who Needs to in That Sense Sovereign Citizens Ruining and It’s Scary Thing I Maintain That We Should Make Them Illegal Administrative Job Is Sure Does Make Anybody Who Has a Specific Ideology Illegal Is Because of the Way They Think What Could Go Wrong Nothing That Has No Presence There a Flawless Night We May Have Lost Any Severance This Viewership We Had Yeah Horizons Intending to Renounce US Citizenship Should Be Aware That Unless They Already Possess a Foreign Nationality They May Be Rendered Stateless and Thus Have Difficulty Traveling Now I Was Not Driving I Was Traveling I Was Not Driving I Was Traveling and You Didn’t Give Me the Ticket You Gave the Ticket That’s the S Version Is Also a Personal Vehicle for Personal Use I Do Not Use It for Any Kind of Business Don’t Know Therefore I Do Not Need to Have License Offered Wrong” Domiciles Are the Domicile Therefore You Can’t Touch My Domicile to Them Domicile off the It’s All Live in a Van Itself by the River to Just Mail but the Thing They Whether the Other Rabbit Hole Was That the People Who Are Not Poor and Just Saying I Should Support Their Not Unable to Pay the Fines That There Actually Very Fine but I Think I Found Is That the People Who Leave the US in This Particular Case These People Are There Not There Called Sovereign Man to Different Subject Matter the Sovereign Man and When You Dig into the Sovereign Man Idea They Are Basically Just against the Idea of Being a Citizen of the US Sovereign Citizen Is Not Saying I’m Not a Citizen the US in There Saying I’m Not a Citizen of Any Country I Am Sovereign I Am Not the Citizen of a Country at All I Am My Own and I Am My Own Entity Sovereign Man Is Saying I Don’t Want to Be in America and Be Associated with America They Can Claim Often They Will Claim That They Have a Grievance with America Maybe They Don’t like the Bombing That the Drones Is a Military Thing They Have Agreements but Most the Time It’s the Fact That They Have A Lot Of Money and They Have A Lot Of Ways to Start Businesses and They Do Not like the Idea of Having Some of the Tax and the Level of the Contact so They Leave and They Travel in a Travel and the Travel Because They Have the Money and They Don’t with Their Role As a Loopholes and Will Have a Funny Feeling If You Did a Meet up at an X Patriot Somewhere in Moldavia That You’re Gonna End up in a Meet up with a Whole Bunch of People Who Could Very Well Be Sovereign Man Type People in a Behavioral Way for You to Take Some Taxes Is the Are Only Americans Called Ex-Pats Know Is One of the Things for Talk about Sovereign Citizens Just Let Citizen Sialic Is Thanks NASA First Citizen Scientists They Have Long since Realized That Tapping into the the Power of All of Us Curious People out Here They Can Give Us a Couple Interfaces and Show Us a Way to Contribute to What’s Going on in NASA so They Have All Kinds: Cyclic Programs Crowdsourcing Science Yeah I Can Help Unfunded Weathers the Set There’s There’s the NASA Citizen Science but There’s More Than That Right This Sort of Started the Idea of Citizen Science and Then There Is Citizen Science Going on outside of NASA Now and Have Been for Quite A While and It’s Some Fascinating Stuff like This Outsource It in the Crowd Funded a Minute to Start Thinking Anyone for the Government Doesn’t Own Science Okay While the US Governments Early Doesn’t Anymore on Not Anymore but Planet Hunters Is the One I’m Super Fascinated with I’m Not Actually Doing It yet but I’m Dying to Start Because You Can Help Them Find Planets That Are Revolving Based on the Doppler Effect and When You See in the**Wobble over Transit Know How the Exit Polling at Home Where You Donate Your Unused Computer Cycles to Know This Is Not That This Is Actually You Literally Using Your Eyeballs to like a Look at Certain Sections of the Sky and and Find Differences in Views That There There Basically Clustering out the Power of the of the Human Brain’s Ability to Find and and Identify Patterns That’s What They’re Trying to Do for Pattern Finding of the Planets I Was Never Help NASA Try and Find a New Planet All Well Anyway the Point Is We Are Very Very Good at Pattern Finding the Canals Are Set Yeah the Human Brain Can Pick up on Patterns in the Last Time Somebody from Arizona Discovered a Planet That Holds It Wasn’t One of Dataset for Pluto Bitter about the Wall but Now There’s a Villain This Was Feeling out There for the Planet X As Local Planet X to Get to Be What I Really Hope They Just Leave Planet X I like That Name Now Added Some Stupid Name They Will Planet Planet Face to Love You to Do Double People Face so You Start Classifying What You See Me Go to That Story above All but Yeah Planet Hunters Looks Pretty Awesome As a Citizen Science Effort Is Just an Endless Amount of the Enemy Is Pretty Cool You Can Find These Planets Especially since It Sometimes You Can Find Two Planets This When I Heard about His Two Plants Revolving around Two Stars That the Two Stars Are Revolving around Each Other and the Two Planets Will Sometimes Revolve Run One Star and Sometimes over the Other and like a Figure 8 Rotation so at Some Point Both Sides of the Planet Have As If They’re in the Middle between Both Stars Both Sides of the Planet Have the Sunlight so There’s the Nighttime Would Be Really Not There You Are Just at the Polls Maybe See, That Is Yeah I Know How to Show off All It Would Be Different I Am Interested Though the the Reality We Live in Here in in Not Just America and Not Just Maricopa but in the Planet That We Live around the Sun That We Live We Have Certain Things We Take for Granted My I Want to Say That That’s Towns Fantastical and Phenomenal and Crazy and out There but Knowing the Sheer Vastness of the Universe and the Probability That Why the Hell Not We Have Only Explored Almost Nothing Yeah That I Just Throwing the Word around and Round out There Too Much in the Know of the Earth’s Letter Not so Join Us Next Week When Will Be Talking All Week and Is out about Flatter Not a Conservative Mexican List Ghetto It’s Good to Be in Their Target Markets Visit There Is Always Argued Five His Loan below Homeopathy Homeopathy Next Week Will Be Talking about Homeopathy More to It Now and How Awesome It Is and How If It Was Everything so Join Us Next Week Will Be Talking Strictly Subjective Homeopathy and What It Is and Why It Doesn’t Work and How It Might Kill You and Go and Pick up the Book Cancer 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