Critical Cactus -scream into the other echo chamber

We want to understand, we want to so badly.  Everyone wants to understand the other persons viewpoint, but no one listens.

Why, what do we have to do to hear each other?  Let’s talk about that, as well as science news such as:

  • Mining in the Grand Canyon
  • GMOs
  • Why Nuclear Power is not as dangerous as we all think (or is it).
  • What clean energy is the best.

An interview with Tom Stahler, an inside look at Paloverde Nuclear Power Plant.

Great discussion, hope you get a chance to give us a listen.



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Critical Cacti Podcast Coming June 2017

Critical Cactus Podcast


It is harder to systematically process something than it is to go with your intuition.

No, really, it literally takes more work (as measured by heat calories) to mathematically deduce or logically process information.

We humans do not like “harder”.  We do everything we can, especially in today’s technological climate to be faster, more efficient, exude less effort, to get things done. A simple answer that isn’t glaringly obviously wrong on it’s face is typically good enough.  This short-cut thinking is how we’ve survived and it has gotten the human race a long way, but to count on that same intuition when it comes to answering complex questions – is dangerous.

Critical thinking is the key to answering complex questions, using the scientific method properly gives us the right answers. We debate current science news from different perspectives, but always use critical thinking.  We have different vastly differing opinions, but we really do get along. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a PhD guest or two to help us think.  Who you hang out with can change your life – come hangout with us.