Episode 7 -Critical thinking and professional Gaming

Part one of two.

We do a deep dive into what critical thinking is, why we don’t do it, how to do it more, and how Professional Gamers do it more than most.

That might be a slight exageration but we do have a professional gamer/streamer on with us who gives us some insight into the gamming culture, and how critical thinking impacts the decisions that turn gaming into a multi-million dollar industry. Or possibly how not-thinking critically is a multi-million dollar industry, depending on how you look at it.

We’v evolved from apes into gamers, so why not.

Get the critical thinking scoop on League of Legends, Overwatch, WOW and streaming. How sponsorship and subscriptions make gaming a full time job.

Next week we post the final half, it takes what we learn from the science, the papers showing the studies, and how it relates to gaming.

Thanks for listening.

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