Episode 8 -Professional Gamer/streamer

When should we think critically?

Why don’t we?

Welcome back,
Last week we introduced Jordan, a professional Gamer who streams and thinks critically -wait maybe he doesn’t.
Either way, this intriguing conversation takes a lot of turns in great directions.
Here’s part two, thanks for listening.

Being addicted to running/gaming/anything, how the planning is driven by our desires and how our life is molded by these, and why critically thinking can hack this plan -don’t do it. Wait, shoot, it matters, just listen.

Are video Games violent.

Is World of Warcraft a game for the mentally stable?

How much money does Leage of Legend make?

Why does this matter?


Lame Transcript:
Welcome to critical cactus,
“Whatever it is, it’s different and scary.”
“Remember to think like a cactus.”

Welcome back, last week we introduced Jordan a professional game who streams and things currently. Either way this intriguing conversation in the latter great directions part two.

When should I think critically and when should I not. I mean I don’t give a ship if somebody stops and thinks critically while standing in front of their fridge. You know do I want a cookie or should I eat that carrot you know that’s not going to make any impact on me and and eventually long-term making the same bad decision over and over again will have an effect on that person but I think it’s much more important for people to think critically about healthcare policy drug policy whether Bigfoot exists our hats real is a hotdog sandwich I would argue the sellers use feats I mean I don’t it is so were talking about are your brain get in the least these instant dopamine fix and maybe that’s the first step maybe that’s the first step where people need to start urinary tract I think I think about I mean I me a good launching point to try to recertify re-re-verify what you say if you know maybe you have if you have this thing where you like to run I mean people get addicted to running the absolute there are worse addictions to have you if you have this thing that you want to run and yet you get plantar fasciitis the frontal lobe may very well come up with some solutions better shoes a little more research on what you know what what running styles work what they don’t maybe even invent a drone that can follow you while you run to analyze your gate there frontal lobe is doing that stuff in an attempt to give you your fax which is the long-term benefit of a better run so you’re your primitive brain is driving all the rest of that stuff because you wanted to run the first or you want to have sex you wanted this or you want to and and that that gets us into the whole society thing where someone else sorry done that for you and you go by Nike and now you can run so well and I don’t know the point that you’re trying to come to but the thing is like it it honestly society has worked so hard to make life easier for society you would think that we as individuals directly have more time for critical thought not less I am because I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from a not to worry about whether at the break in the issues before I can wear them or if you know if these can come in the night take my cattle Tigers Tigers you know I even going not so far back like you know you back to the wild West and things like that to mean society continuously works to strive to make life easier for society and we should have plenty of time to think critically about the things the quote unquote matter like universal healthcare or in a politics in general you should have time to sit down and be able think about religion but people still don’t they have all this theoretical free time on their hands and instead of doing anything with it they filled it with Farmville video games and television and poker Facebook and spark Reddit hey calls you’ve got to park rather than their already I didn’t say there was anything that the unit goes there is also my time already beats of limited loan yeah so I said I pose this question to our guest Jordan do you think that you think critically about things that matter while you’re thinking I’ll fill in the gap there please I don’t think anybody would ever answer know that class that’s one of the questions well I’m asking do you think your dumb Nolan I’m asking Jordan because I feel that he’s intersected enough to actually take a deep dive and look I know that if I asked some of my friends I question they just instantly answer yes you know the answer is obviously no right but I’d I think Jordan want to think about it and come back with a solid answer so so I will say I critically think a lot less than I probably would say you demand shaking that know me but you know with my with my streaming with my a new game every day playing the theirs is not a lot of room for me to critically think all the time in Canada going back what we talked about earlier you know if you sit there and quickly think the whole day or about every little topic about every little thing you do get super tired and I don’t like to be tired so I kind of tune my brain out a lot him there there is all there is a lot to say about that very thing where you you know the the primitive brain is expecting a world that is not full of calories one not full of nutrients even if it is calories is not nutrient rich not a lot of car of carbohydrates or or glucose available for us to convert and it’s it’s expecting a society that you can picture from 1 million years ago or at least 1000 years ago it’s it’s it’s expecting to need to conserve as much energy as possible it’s also expecting that you had to exert quite a bit of of calories to get the little because you did get so when you just walk into the store and get a doughnut hell yeah your primitive brain’s going wow you know I have got a winter sky who is running the show here knows exactly how this game is played and let you for my mail I Alice Goforth got a gizmo because it thinks it’s going to have to still thinks you have to do that it’s property sure did yesterday long-term areas like how are you guys heard it here you have to stock your doughnuts from here on out I like to point out I’ve had at least two today and yet still trying to all you even have two dozen salaries on wrong on what is he say about a personal pizza any pizzas a personal pizza if you try hard enough you now down to the center stood well with that being said when you say you’re tired and you don’t want to go that’s the primitive brain primitive brain doesn’t much to go I want to do stockouts absolutely want to take a nap I wrote that my notes for even said it it does wanted enough that now whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know why I don’t know whether you should or should do my saying I’m just saying if if you want to understand why we don’t critically think I think that’s part of the variable you have to consider is that it does require a level of energy that were were were not intuitively ready to just execute one in like with Carmen bouncing back and forth about the whole society thing theirs as we talked about off the air the institutionalized thinking you thought the gift done for you basically it’s a big thing and then you just kind of accept it because that’s the norm that I went up and religions are that’s how you end up in think about this this is one of the things I wanted to get to I know I’m dominating don’t mean to but you can add yourself out later I might but are you basically the entire show thinking of how I thinking about whether or not you wanted to put in the cognitive effort to answer some question and you decide not to because someone else’s answer for you supposedly that’s a huge savings of time and effort mean you’ve got a figure that evolutionarily it would make sense of somebody else’s hair of these two sticks together and look we got fire and you go cool you just are up to six together you not to go through all of the federations that they went through figure out like I also had two rocks together and that didn’t work and I also did this and that and working on do I reinvent the wheel yeah you’re just going to rub those 260 local fire now somebody cook something and eats it and doesn’t direct that was cool I’ll do that now they cook something and I know I’m not gonna do that now and you don’t know certain things you can’t really do the research I W you could unlike lab mice nuclear but I wanted thousand years ago they were doing cave mice over the title this one gave my son so there’s calorie savings is a lot of behaviors and a lot of the thought processes that we go through our instinctive were ingrained or evolutionary built into us right and you’re saying that we are instinctively designed to just accept whatever is been handed to us because that’s the shortest route that’s the path of least resistance we don’t have to reinvent the wheel we don’t have to do the work here’s the answer done sold case closed right so we fall right and we fall for so when we start thinking critically and when only because I’m not going to get it’s interesting overwhelmed at the grocery store picking out doughnuts so I want to this one on one I want just read this verbatim but I want to go from this a difficult cog side are. I you so these are some interesting things that I found on here I’m just gonna go into the whole incentive that that’s on the solicitor incentives not to think critically and apparently there are many so many believed just whether content bring us much comfort and hope thus we simply liked certainly to be true such as that we are good and responsible person or that there is life after death now the next one is actually interesting since our daily actions and decisions are based on our beliefs changing those beliefs means having to change your daily routines which we don’t like to deal with whatever it is it’s different and scary know that people are creatures of habit when I go to the grocery store I don’t even like to park in a different area it’s like this is the relic parking on Indian on parking there you I have my parking spot in different locations of so another one here all these tie together because can help because of these are valid points but I don’t feel they go together but so society looks up at strong-willed and consistent people people act as if they know what they are doing are often put in a leadership position and with that comes all kinds of advantages so many people consider it important for our social status to remain consistent and committed to our beliefs that some schools now the next important bullet point about this particular one that we just talked about this is actually I think were the majority of the people that I think don’t think critically probably stem from we hate to find out and admit that were wrong or that we might even be agreed I think that for me that is the biggest problem that I face when I whenever I get into an argument with somebody it’s not because they have compelling evidence or anything it says that they chose to believe something once and they don’t want to be wrong about it and so they will do everything they can to try and just either disprove me or ignore me even up to the point of like literally just sticking their fingers in their ears and blah blah blah because no I believe something while you if it’s if it’s one of those no pillars in the belief system then they’re going to act and have a reaction that is very violent really I mean it’s it’s it’s an attack that the brain doesn’t differentiate from a physical attack I think you’re right I think that stems from the hole was the amygdala that triggers your fighter flight and we treat everything as fight or flight regardless of how serious it is yeah even being stuck in traffic triggers a fighter response a big one now Jan and some he says are you here yet and then all of a sudden it gets more critical and then you get really angry anxiety you feel like work or ask enough questions Jordan cancel a question check for Jordan what about social pressure I mean I don’t know any thing about you you belong to a club or a religious group or a sect or Colts I don’t I don’t what you do that brings you into group of people with the type of video games as you have no so there’s a group that I actually liked calls occult were not really a call but where a bunch of nerds that like to play video games and meet up random places sucking what is the group’s favorite videogame right now right now probably player no battleground okay and what if you went to the group and say hey guys I been thinking about this we shouldn’t play this game anymore because X, Y, and Z I I would probably be shunned from so send the nine but the exact how how often do you mean critically thinking can lead to some serious problems with social stigma you mean eat go with your example even if I had very very valid reasons as to why we shouldn’t their fun playing Nazis are so yeah exactly the funding not to say Godwin’s law it’s the fact that as daemon was seen earlier it’s the fact that you know I’m I’m challenging their beliefs that this game is amazing in this game company is the basking company in the world so no matter what even if I’m hundred percent correct they’re going to God you know strike back in the fight or flight, as is common is good is gone activate the so if we assume the reaction from her social groups can be negative why even start on the road why even start to thinking critically why why crack the egg if we know the omelettes can be terrible all that is that the great would actually you know it it happens every so often we have someone that walks up and says hey try this new game or hey don’t play that game or hey do this they do that from within the group someone within the group usually or a lot of times like a game that will come up to us and give developer come up to us and IK you should try this game I don’t know why they try to do a lot of times it doesn’t work what their sense of sorrow social ramifications yes of critically thinking and being shunned by your socioeconomic group because you’re going to go eat if he thinks about something critically and that leads you to a contrary position you know you’re going to get a lot of that feedback so why even bother okay so what about this year a streamer but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it’s a videogame it could be a board game that you stream through a camera but you guys look down on that don’t look down on that have opinions now me we don’t down that we we have strippers driven away from his podcast like this we have streamers that that play D&D we have streamers that the majority of our streamers are videogame on computer or counsel but a year ago the podcast that the board games all that that didn’t exist and it was just video games and then people are like a lot to try you know playing D&D every week on stream and they found some decent success with that but I mean they went through a lot of a lot of issues and a lot of date they tried to make it work a lot and that a lot of failures so I have a question for Jordan reported one answer Tom so Godwin’s law is as an online discussion grows longer the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches to the center actually a anyway Jordan we were talking earlier about the charismatic people and how you know, drawn to them and how they affect people’s ability to think critically always I don’t know how many followers you have but I’m I’m in assume it’s enough to pay the rent so that everyone went to do you think that you’ve ever done or said anything on your stream that is impacted somebody’s ability to think or maybe change their opinion about something I mean the big thing would be sponsors you know I say I’m sponsored by E blue or by a gaming chair company and I say hey there’s is better than DX racers you know if you think that the x-ray sutures are better and you hear me saying hey this one is better than the x-ray surgery not, all uniform to my idea that hey you know what what he says is is correct and I subscribe to you in the end they look up to examine the was authority and is a charismatic phase yeah you’re thinking for them the soaking wet exactly the sex appeal going to the gutters I got failure and international so this institutional thinking boils down to people we look up to that it that’s like the Y $.50 knowledge is the all big wow FDDI sent generously dampen relevant the way here actually so are you when is this an author that that yeah he is all is an author some sort yeah one dollar he walked around the pond to come up with his $.50 piece it wouldn’t twopence so wouldn’t so actually that you know that that brings to question a whole new thing would come institutionalized thinking in the past would’ve been accomplished by your church or your local group you’re like your will have him here in Arizona really but you know it blocks wheeling in the suburbs when people actually get together and a lot of hearty yeah yeah there is in TV on it does happen at least I’ve got friends that admitted that you just gave us anecdotal evidence for something software for a phenomenon that we don’t believe in the real thing all your anecdotal evidence just totally made me believe that I mean instead should okay so I know this happened more than one person so I’m in the so says more than one person is seeing UFOs yeah okay well I don’t disbelieve in UFOs and to pay for it until I disbelieve in big for this most all of the negative evidence to prove that he doesn’t exist doesn’t was a lot of monster yeah I I don’t disbelieve in a lot of monster let’s think about this let’s do that. Trap now know so the Loch Ness monster is allegedly right thing up in five minutes that is also on this provable and it would be just as real as whatever it is you wait until we drain the lock and can confirm that there’s nothing down there there could it’s like Schrödinger’s Loch Ness monster the kid is in there and it’s alive indebted yeah I if there is not there in the life instead of the same title for my you rinsing me now as these block parties exist as an institutional thinking process for speaking the same watches block party things like that people that they cause like groups to get together that’s what caused institutionalized thinking right because you want to be part of the group zeroed in a kind of follow them and believe them so I meet ups yet meet ups anything that they that causes you to group together and share a set of beliefs is considerably institutionalized thinking my point is that the Internet is really compounded that problem because now you have message boards video games you know Facebook anything that allows you to group up with people and share your beliefs and to sit there round Robin agreeing with each other and you don’t go outside your bubble but your bubbles now even bigger mess your silo well and why think about it why do the thinking there’s a lot of situations where people are shunned for critical thinking yes that’s what you’re trying to get to yes mean cutting us out as everything it demands a separate much just want to be what I’m saying is all in particular you feed me out that I don’t listen to the podcast designer items at its everybody out this is Adam droning to the edits us to make a sound foolish foolish yes just like an axon move is probably at least a meter there were to guess on the show the work really here we desire them up what you think you are dumb, file to your liberal in San Francisco right now you probably don’t want me to say good things about JAMA that you would you would probably shun me for critically thinking about hey I would have to weigh the stereo if it’s good or sometimes vaccines you can get in the community and be like if vaccines are good and and let’s quickly think about why we don’t think they are good and then all of a sudden you shunned because now we’ve already concluded that vaccines are bad so as not to think about it Artie concluded and as soon as you start saying we should think about it you’re out peer pressure a comedian you know are being funny or not funny Jordan was gotten here a while tell me what is your stick eggnog how I will Jesus you sold me at all know that the big the big issue with gaming big thing that people bring up a lot is indeed the whole violence begins cause real-life island like it you a like a grand theft auto’s I think that would be a kind of a Segway so where does the community stand in the argument that it does not cause violence to be my guess I asked my the community Emmons says that there’s no way that begins cause violence but you know if you hear me or my roommate streaming were screaming at the top of our lungs that you know some guy killed us from across the map of the pistol and we a lot of a lot of gamers you know punch holes in the wall oh yeah roving soother screen there’s a holes like sub rather than of what’s called lifestream fails up like people you breaking keyboards over there had her throwing things out of interest rage quit and rage quit yeah well I I know I saw studies think it was NPR someone tried in PRL but liberal I I would argue my thoughts at the game violence thing was a conservative side of the argument was pressure I think so but is a liberal side as well as have a fight now I thought night I believe I saw wrongly might be right you might be right down to the NRA’s gladness it’s I think it’s safe you know you make the summary to make the argument that videogames cause couldn’t I just as easily make a counterargument that no videogames are cathartic and if somebody’s feeling violent they can go in and get those emotions out behind a videogame hall man with what is the latest thing that’s that’s a site we take you know if I’m having a stressful day or if I want you know they are hit someone and I have an you know that thoughts about like humans do you to reveal some you know one of the leg of the kitchen everyone pretty much shot you know I’ll close myself in my room I’ll put my headphones on and I’ll just play the most violent game I can people in the face exactly I think that the whole thing about do videogames make people violent I think that people of violent tendencies are already can be violent and vice versa because like I can see my roommates they when they play video games they get so angry and they smash their dad ideally scream obscenity you and like when I get frustrated with a videogame it is go do something else yeah not that way I I wish I was but I I can play games I just can’t to go back to the days when Adam was plainly legends with me played one night and I mean it’s okay if it’s a brand-new game and I don’t have any vested interest in it but if I think of myself as being good at a videogame and I play online ago while the four-year-olds my but I get pretty upset while legalizing the ruling the cesspool of society • the most toxic in the community ever I had always up what legal edge and always it’s huge I can’t wait to die I seriously can’t move the terrible terrible style of videogame well there have been a lot of research into whether violence videogames does expose any sort of violence in society and and I I from I have to dig deeper but the older research that I have in my in my recollection is 10 years old and that they were still they were still not certain Wellington in the same questions and post everything with music art I’m I concluded my own like you know I have my position on the argument which is I don’t think that it does anything different to give your right and left my exact yes well but it’s it’s always interesting to see what different studies and what even just the engineering of a study that you know somebody is so creative to come up with a call if they did this meanness and you think dad does out because you actually do that setting than they do it I’m just above studies now do you think that gamers board games like DND him have ever been thought of as being more violent because of the violence game they have been there the whole thing in the 70s were bonus is a dynamic and hang with had her in the basement the yeah I what I will say’s recently though I at least because I buy plating every Saturday Saturday nights mixer never sorry in our campaigns are wowsers do you use treatment no instrument that’s just something to do lifestream I don’t like to show that I’m that big of a nerd on stream is reveal it now second have fairly no I mean I see DND compared to all say call of duty very very rarely do you get an outburst from D&D from because your character took 26 damage or died for the as being a prick all you I love you but that’s that’s a personal vendetta against you for that from that DM but very rarely do I actually see you know the the DND board if you recall the board go flying or the pieces go flying where I was again with like the the call of duty or the GTA five you you tend to see keyboards flying a lot more than D&D ports Wi-Fi through my Monopoly board is kidnapped exactly what is missing last season violence bring up monopoly a clear sorry stream in all this failure is family I saw a lot of it is the item I think you had a good point earlier I did yeah you’re admitting I’m in the connotative he wants to write in coattails know you and talked about how you think you’re good at a videogame until you go online and get beaten by a for your and that’s actually a really good thing about the whole critical thought because it’s the same concept you have a preconceived notion that your this thing and then somebody challenges that and you can’t handle it yeah absolutely I definitely can have I am the best of this game it is impossible for there to be anyone better and he gets school by three-year-old who you know teabag and so that I will gladly take you and is in the thank you thank you for putting that in the context by son was five he started beating the Mario cart for real what you’re bad I never said I was good but I thought you I did enough that Dell was like I it bothered me I was was 10 years ago meals Halo and my kids did that to me and they were like my family I hate you too I really don’t like you guys I didn’t I didn’t like I didn’t like them that they were my own said yeah and I didn’t like them you cannot imagine how somebody would feel about you as a anonymous thing on the Internet that has no actual like now I didn’t like my own kids without bit that it really it bothered me a lot more than I wanted to admit when you know the and and that’s why because I had a preconceived idea about how how skilled NSI GMAC is wide-awake as he doesn’t have this preconceived notion you think you’re getting a well you know I don’t know because the messiah for World of Warcraft so gets it well halted all my names and email you send in our group you shunned in other people’s groups oh like wow like a social pariah anyway so I play World of Warcraft and I used to be insanely good at it like 12 years ago I’ve gotten progressively worse and people make fun of me and though I are you just sock and blah blah dynamite you probably do you know I’ve gotten older my synapses are probably slowing down my abilities to reactor probably slowing down anger is just the truth but most people don’t know I don’t like no I am constantly always getting better at every like that little party her brain is it’s like rice play will have to you know I was to come back to the likely to about it like I was the top row on my server allows easy what you and you have the on your own server or not my own dad but like I see what you talk about like as I started playing road again and Legion and I was like holy crap I’m flocking terrible announces it it’s just age has has made it so I’m not as good anymore… And want to play because I wasn’t good anymore men I’ve seen it happen a lot people, good anymore this is off-topic but ill will among the numerous employ off-topic to get is off topic were talking about critical thinking and why you should and shouldn’t when you should and you shouldn’t and institutional thinking and if if somebody says that there good a game and they really believe that then they’re going to continue to look at and critically think about it and come up with different ways once they’ve concluded that they’re not getting weathers cannot plating when I think about it he mourns over to do the institutional thing part where they got a so-and-so you know how to get his level are you know lean on someone else code 6 actually have ramifications like when I was younger I had a friend who was really good a “team Fortress and I never played it before it is like are you in on the school you in the school you so we don’t know what color one-on-one and murdering him and we’re we’re in the same like apartment on my gorgeous place to play and so you come stomping out of his room is what you’re cheering or not, what are you talking about you make it is the control of what we are planning a PC but yet he’s like shooting are usually playing this game forever among the the first pertussis and we understand what I’m doing half the time and licked it actually ruin our friendship will allow because he had this preconceived notion that he was like a team Fortress God and you know here was at all in that was but now they call it done in Kruger where someone believes that there expert at something so when there you know when they think there expert I brought up before it’s a big deal I’ve got a question about that the D and K visit Dunning Kruger done and guys Kruger’s two guys done one guys last names I just want to clarify that I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying Dunning Kruger I think the reason why personally I’m so humble when it comes to video games because I got very sharp lesson when I was a kid and I thought it was a Mortal Kombat God and it turns out that my sister can just jump in the corner kick and just beat me with his Dunning Kruger got home I got you been doing around the thing done and it’s Dunning me this is what Kruger so it might be a this is yeah you’re right we should always know question the source but it is a stunning and honest in Kruger hunting you interested in Kruger and Dunning affect categorical Jedediah was one of about Dunning Kruger sound cooler plus at the editor of the sun like Freddy Krueger Dunning Kruger now in a really edit the so Jordan at what age do you know something national D gamers like Max out as I have heard some of those StarCraft people like one at 22 it’s all downhill two different kinds of like there’s streamers and then there’s the professionals who win competition yeah I depend on the game, I mean if you’re talking about like who’s gonna be the best in the world when all this money from playing in like tournaments and stuff to the Victorian alt A yes B max age probably 25 but I mean there’s streamers that are up upwards of like 46 years old that still pull it and you know 6000 people a day watching that Morrow it it’s it’s different streaming has a different side of it professional gaming itself yeah very young age 25 to 30 is, the cutoff point and then you never see them again usually see mages the full development of the brain want you want nor in a lot of ways the sports are a lot like regular athletics and we need to be at peak physical conditions after thinking like a football player you are you don’t even see like a whole lot of what kinds of portly professional gamers like their all stick thin there there like peak physical performance amine there’s you’ve you’ve got a companion and I level discussion millions and millions dollars and millions with an app are you okay is are you is just out of curiosity for clarifying and save our audience they give me some numbers for your legal legend upon my people that would watch it like a light live so the last worlds event which was taking teams from North America Europe China Asia 11 stuff that was at I think 1.2 billion views not total people watching just views like 700,000 people watching throughout the state yet they are livable you have a lovely day usually use others like other prebuilt students is not stated for the sports usually but for example like this a lot Madison Square Garden last year for league of legends it was a full pack house they’ve sold out soccer arena is and football arena got me was that they don’t to sell it out for one thing like a like somebody can do a concert and also it out for one night but league it’s like sold out for every night for weeks and weeks they these days days well even like the North America finals coming up in a couple months it’s been sold out for five months as they announced it they’re going up that developed Canada this year I’m just comparing it to like the NFL and I think the NFL would love to have these numbers show a greater time so basically there was actually a study done with the last worlds event that happened and it pulled in almost twice as much viewership as like an NBA finals or even the the Super Bowl for one numbers in the Super Bowl here you come to me that’s insane to the normal will not normal the price for reaches you know millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars split between teams so I’m just looking at the world event for 2016 the price was $5 million that’s not including thing contributions or sponsorships it’s insane so when you say that there you know in peak physical condition so they can performance because you were were selecting for that and if you’re competing in you getting eliminated is a lot of little factors of each eliminated and if you’re sleeping right eating right and getting some exercise maybe it’s necessarily quicker every little thing right now and ironically United States is really that great yeah I mean we deftly have a disadvantage I will always Asia Asia always wins by that is because I have paid sponsors and they take their is very very serious support staff mainly I mean they have like team psychologists and come and stay with them for weeks on end and make sure their mental health is good as their physical health may have they have like food plans and licked there in a very strict diet and a very strict regimen where they practice for six hours a day and then they live Jim yet another yeah they all live in the same house is like this in the US we treat videogames like Sigma still and in like curry and stuff they’d be treated as a lifestyle way that we treat the NFL well at least they take it seriously and that’s what’s going on in the country so if we took at that Sears they would be way better get you know it’s actually things like that that that make it dangerous here in the United States we try and rest on our laurels on that is not something we should be doing you mean like when I think I’m really good at Halo my kids to take me out then Leo effortlessly and how you say it now as I used to be good at Halo I am not getting halo now you say all back in the day I was really good at a lot and I realize I wasn’t yeah I mean that I thought that’s a good point like you there’s a lot of people that will still use the will we been to the moon argument to say what is so great to those a long time ago to lately it wasn’t like this I used to play like a marvelous team whatever it was no connection to other people I will play by myself and have no idea how well I compared to anyone else you only time America compared itself to the people was during thisrace which only time but is a big the United States lost every event except for the last the last one we won on the matter of no one that we said all of a sudden matters will be happy if we would’ve gotten to the satellites first alum and the one that matters in moon and and you know not to you we were in space first so we gave you the steppingstone we would have to lay that off and we think NASA for duct tape I don’t think NASA and the tape for duct tape is not a real thing given the number for duct tape duct tape is like most useful thing ever made from docs it’s duct tape not duct tape although they’ve changed the freaking name because everybody got it wrong so I there is a company now called duck yeah it was originally named duct tape and came in green right there today I found out.com how can this be ratified Johnson and Natalie was an American as I thought it was a space thing okay to leave it on aero plane spaceships have a microwave we think were not rated in but micro leather now and she is challenging my worldview here now you know what NASA did another with the space right doing NASA stands for another seven astronauts Percy how social and horrible too soon massive remitting that will never make the Mars true lot of the Blessed moon landing was real hour to do and if you ask yourself is to I will gladly come back for conspiracy topics if I am welcomed you’re always welcome that’s not true I’m gonna think them for the infrared thermometer thanks thanks NASA I have a great invention hang is NASA if I can okay at this stage it is you in the Valley here mean this is pretty hot yeah he was in an apartment so doesn’t pay for all you care about your adventure electricity, do you know apartment you, Donald Trump is a that if you pay a God dollars yearly note that sugar and for the year was one dollar a month it was it was $15 a month and then it was $12 a year to show you how out of touch some people are so people the love the blue from arrested development when they didn’t know much like a banana was telling $10 get you banana thanks NASA for infrared thermometers apparently Mercury just wasn’t good enough all the damage it does Pluto wasn’t good enough for you to drink it well this is where I think our guest for our guest for listing thanks you’re coming over really really appreciate you coming by where can we find you work in our audience find you virtually track you down now the easiest thing would probably be my twitter stream which I’ll get it right this time it’s twitched at TV/bonds a be a onesie a place Kaylee why us I usually stream on their 3 to 4 times a week silicate and a taste of a schedule but nice gangbusters and could tell: I’m in a pew Metuchen was compactly good for you know it’s me because my name doesn’t make any sense amount know I’m a look for the one that makes no sense of
hey now steam is messed up critically think that through and well I also wanted to thank all my calls for doing anything extra and thank you listeners for joining us and we’ll talk to you next time critically thank you bye

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